The Charpy V-Notch specimens manufactured by LNE are released by batch and characterized through sampling. The manufacture of the Charpy V-Notch specimens is carried out by milling and grinding. The notch is made using Electric discharge machining (EDM) in order to obtain the best possible profile.

The certified value of each specimen equals an energy level to which an essential value is added: the dispersion of the lot, shown by calculating the standard deviation. ISO 148 part 3 specifies that the standard deviation should be 5% lower than energy value (the average value obtained by breaking a minimum of 25 specimens). Responding beyond this requirement, LNE is now able to provide industrial batches of homogenized Charpy V specimens with a standard deviation of less than to 3%, a result made possible following extensive research on the Charpy V specimens manufacturing process.
The range of LNE Charpy V specimens ranges from 25 to 220 Joules and is separated into five energy levels. Applying different thermal treatments on the material will change the energy level of the same material.

• Low energy 25 Joules 30 Joules
• Medium Energy: 70 Joules 80 Joules
• High energy 115 Joules to 125 Joules
• High Energy: 150 Joules to 170 Joules
• Super high energy 200 Joules to 220 Joules.