What is Charpy? What is a V-Notch Test?

EPROUVETTE-CHARPY-VSeveral parameters need to be taken into account when developing Charpy V reference specimens: 

• Raw material selection
• Machining
• Homogeneity
• Stability

In the metal industry, resilience is an essential feature because it measures the brittleness of the material. The Charpy impact test or resilience test involves breaking a notched reference specimen on a pendulum machine, and measuring the impact energy. Manufacturers must test their raw materials with certified pendulum impact machine using Charpy V reference specimens.


What is a Charpy V-Notch Test?

CHARPY MOUTON PENDULEThe Charpy V-Notch test is a mechanical method of testing specimens used to determine the impact strength or notch toughness value of the specimen.

It was named after the French engineer Georges Charpy (1865-1945), one of its main theorists and a developer.


In referring to the energy necessary to break a testing specimen, it is possible to predict the level of energy required to break another piece of steel. This information is crucial when testing the impact strength of steel. This method is being used in several industries: steel, aerospace, automotive and laboratories.

LNE certifies the pendulum impact testers used by manufacturers to ensure that the impact strength of the material is being verified through the Charpy V-Notch test.